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What Is The Employment Equity Committee?


In terms of the Employment Equity Act, all employers with over 50 employees or a turnover which is over the relevant industry threshold must establish an Employment Equity Committee.

What is the EE Committee?

The EE committee is a consultative forum which consults with their constituents about EE related matters. They also assist in the workplace analysis and the drafting of the EE plan.

How must the EE Committee be established?

The EE committee should be appointed after a nomination process is completed by the employees within the company, however the company is able to appoint members of the committee should there not be a sufficient number of nominations received to constitute the committee as required.

Who should be represented on the EE Committee?

All employee groups present within the company in terms of race and gender should be represented on the committee. There should also be representatives for each occupational level within the company. Both designated and non-designated groups must also be represented.

If the company has a recognition agreement with a Union, the Union official must also be appointed to the committee.

How often should the EE committee meet?

The committee must meet at least quarterly to monitor the implementation of the EE plan and may need to meet more regularly during the period when a new EE plan is being drafted.

What is the EE committee’s role in the annual EE reporting process?

The EE reports are due between October and January of each year. The report is a declaration to the Department of labour on the company’s progress on their EE plan during the previous 12 months.

The EE committee will need to be consulted on the information contained in the report to ensure that they are in agreement that the information supplied by the company to the Department of Labour is a true reflection of the progress made.

For any queries regarding the EE Committee or EE in general, contact Oriole on 011 346 2422 or email us at or You can also visit our website

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