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Employment Contracts

The contract of employment governs wages, benefits and working conditions and is the foundation of the relationship between an employee and his employer. The absence of a written contract by the first day of employment is not only in violation of The Basic Conditions of Employment Act but could also severely compromise an employer’s position in a labour dispute. The most effective contract of employment will satisfy both employer and employee while fulfilling its requirements under the law. It should enable the employer to derive the best benefit from its workers while ensuring those workers are sufficiently rewarded and their rights protected. Oriole Consulting possess the necessary skills to determine a balance that will keep both sides satisfied over time and retain a flexibility that will support the organisations growth in the future.


Employment Policies and Procedures

Daily, employers are faced with concerns relating to employee attendance, sick leave usage, annual leave, maternity leave and the Disciplinary Code to name but a few. Oriole Consulting understand the importance of the implementation of correct procedures for employers and the value of formal, comprehensive, legally binding documentation. Clients are assisted with drafting of various policies, documents and forms which may be required in the day to day running of a business, including:

• Recruitment Policies and Procedures

• Employment Status and Records

• Employee Benefit Programs

• Work Conditions and Hours

• Leave and Absenteeism

• Disciplinary Policies and Procedures

• Grievance Policies and Procedures

Disciplinary Policy Implementation

The Law stipulates that employers should have disciplinary policies in place. These rules should be reasonable, lawful and fair in terms of circumstances and the employer’s operational requirements. An employer does not need the permission of employees or trade unions to implement such policies. Oriole Consulting can assist employers in the drafting and implementation of a disciplinary policy to ensure that the policy is reasonable and legal. Such a policy will often be enforced by the CCMA and if properly implemented, will substantially improve an employer’s position in labour disputes.

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