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Skills Development

Oriole Consulting strongly believe that human capital is a company’s greatest asset and therefore employee skills development is a fundamental success factor for all businesses. The Skills Development Act is aimed at developing strategies and improving the skills of the workforce, to provide for learnerships, to provide for financing of skills development and to regulate employment services.


We are highly experienced in guiding our clients through various learnership options, procedures and their legal implications, whilst keeping your desired outcomes in mind.


Implementation and Submission of Skills Plans

A skills plan is a plan of the employee training to be undertaken in the forthcoming year which must be submitted to the SETA (Skills, Education and Training authorities) annually.


We will assist in the establishment, organisation and submission of skills plans.


Oriole Consulting can assist in SETA registration and training. We are able to compile workplace skills plans, annual training reports and training plans for companies. Along with the compilation of the skills plan and training report, and will train your company’s skills development facilitator on various aspects in relation to skills development including compilation of future skills plans and training reports.

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