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Commercial Consulting

South Africa has a well-developed and formally regulated company law regime. All South African businesses are governed by the New Companies Act No 71 of 2008 which has been modernised and brought into line with international best practices. This applies in particular to private companies, communications and corporate governance. At the same time, it has been harmonised with other South African legislation, such as privacy regulations, data protection and consumer legislation.


The Oriole Consulting team have a thorough working knowledge of the legal implications of the New Companies Act and will assist our clients in the formation of commercial contracts as well as the resolution of any disputes arising therefrom, structuring of agreements, policy documents, mergers, acquisitions and most other areas of commercial and corporate law.


Oriole Consulting can assist you with the following:


• Compliance with the Consumer Protection Act

• Company structures

• Joint ventures and partnerships

• PoPI compliance

• FICA Compliance



There are a large variations of commercial contracts and Oriole Consulting is able to assist clients in obtaining the desired outcome with the least amount of hassle in the process as possible. We provides expert consulting advice and assistance in the developing of agreements, policy documents and the many other documents that businesses encounter or use in the course of their business activities, including:


• Association Agreements

• Shareholders Agreements

• Joint Venture Agreements

• Non-Disclosure Agreements

• Franchising Agreements

• Partnership Agreements

• Sale of Business Agreements

• Share Sale Agreements

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