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B-BBEE Consulting

Understanding the concepts and codes in relation to B-BBEE is an essential part of planning and dealing with B-BBEE effectively and responsibly. The team at Oriole has the ability to assist our clients in understanding and taking advantage of the many benefits to being B-BBEE compliant.


These benefits include:

• Accessing new markets and contracts

• Creating opportunities for your staff to develop themselves and enhance their competencies and skills which will ultimately enhance your business and brand

• Participate in the national transformation strategy 

• Development and implementation of sustainable enterprise development programmes


There are a variety of options available to both small and large businesses, and depending on the size of the business and the right mix of codes. The team at Oriole Consulting will perform a compliance B-BBEE analysis audit on your business and based on your company’s current profile, provide clear strategic guidelines on how to improve your empowerment status. Your B-BBEE level is rated according to these five elements:

• Ownership

• Management Control

• Skills Development

• Supplier and Enterprise Development

• Socio Economic Development

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