May 21, 2019


In terms of the Employment Equity Act, all employers with over 50 employees or a turnover which is over the relevant industry threshold must establish an Employment Equity Committee. 

What is the EE Committee? 

The EE committee is a consultative forum which consults with their constituents about EE related matters. They also assist in the workplace analysis and the drafting of the EE plan. 

How must the EE Committee be established? 

The EE committee should be appointed after a nomination process is completed by the employees within the company, however the company is able to app...

April 4, 2018

Amendment to Code 300

The Amendment introduces:

  •  Spend on Bursaries for Black Students attending Higher Education Institutions:

    • A bursary or scholarship scheme is a grant made to or for students who are registered at educational institutions established by or registered with the Department of Basic Education or the Department of Higher Education & Training. Examples of legitimate training costs for a bursary or scholarship includes: payment of school, college or university fees, or a portion thereof; funding for textbooks or other learning materials; funding for subsistence or accommoda...

March 29, 2018

On the 29th March 2018, the DTI issued two new draft codes for comment by the Public for the next 60 days. Traditionally, after comment, these drafts on the Codes are gazetted in a substantially similar form as they are released. The first is the Amendment to Code 000 specifically relating to Ownership and ownership recognition, and the second is the Amendment to Code 300 specifically in relation to Skills Development under B-BBEE.

If these Amendments are gazetted in their current form or a form substantially similar they will affect how Companies spend their Skills Development money under B-BBEE,...

July 20, 2016

The Amended B-BBEE Codes which are now in effect are very clear when it comes to the application of the sector codes. The Codes state that:

“A Measured Entity in a sector in respect of which a sector code has been issued in terms of Section 9 of the BBBEE Act as amended, may only be measured for compliance in accordance with that code.”

The question about what would need to happen in terms of companies operating in sectors arose as most of the Sector Codes were either not amended or gazetted by the time the Amended Codes of Good Practice came into effect

What now for Sector companies?

On the 17 Febru...

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