September 4, 2019


Section 3 of the Labour Laws Amendment Act amends the BCEA and allows new types of leave available to employees who have been employed for at least 13 weeks. The new types of leave are parental, adoption and commissioning parental leave. 

Parental leave 

An employee who is a parent of a child is entitled to 10 consecutive days of parental leave.

Adoption leave 

An employee who is an adoptive parent of a child below the age of 2 is entitled to either 10 consecutive weeks of adoption leave OR 10 consecutive days of parental leave. 

Commissioning Parent...

May 21, 2019


In terms of the Employment Equity Act, all employers with over 50 employees or a turnover which is over the relevant industry threshold must establish an Employment Equity Committee. 

What is the EE Committee? 

The EE committee is a consultative forum which consults with their constituents about EE related matters. They also assist in the workplace analysis and the drafting of the EE plan. 

How must the EE Committee be established? 

The EE committee should be appointed after a nomination process is completed by the employees within the company, however the company is able to app...

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