May 26, 2019

Happy employee = Productive workplace – What is Ergonomics and Why it is Important? 

Ergonomics is a relatively new branch of science, but it relies on research carried out in many other older established scientific areas such as engineering, physiology and psychology. Over time it has become clear that when workplace systems and products are designed to consider human and environmental factors, it will result in a healthier and more productive workplace. South African companies are starting to establish programmes that will manage ergonomics in the workplace, ensuring comfortable working conditio...

November 22, 2018

With South Africa’s strict labour laws many employers are choosing to outsource work to contractors rather than employing people on a full-time basis. While this may provide some relief in respect of the labour laws employers may still have SARS obligations to these service providers more commonly known as a personal service provider or “PSP".

A PSP has been included in the definition of an employee for tax purposes and in is defined as: 

Any company or trust, where any service rendered on behalf of such company or trust to a client (deemed employer) of such company or trust is rendered personally...

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